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Character Work
Stylised poly-painted sculpts with AI Generated support.
The results can be easily baked down to a Low Poly mesh ready for game engines. 

Character Work
AI texturing for UV'd mesh

Character Work
Concept sketches can be used with AI. Those original thumbnails or sketches,
can suddenly have a new lease of life and faster iteration process to fully investigate possibilities. 

Future Shock Character Concepts
Set of concept designs for player skins, ranging from standard to upgrade variants.

Concept Art

Character Work
Creating many outfit designs for varying game characters, some assets being very stylised/themed and others working
with brands such as CR7, Nike, Top flight football clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool. Client Character work and sketch development.

Concept Art, UI and Game Assets
Creating pre-production assets and UI mock-ups together with around 40 characters based on the Vikings TV show. 

Character Work
Down Town Women, four young, successful business ladies keeping an eye on high street fashion trends - characters 2D artwork. 
Kings of Soccer on mobile, quickly blocking out 3D voxel players in varying styles for presentations with the Leadership Team.
Mr Grouch characters, fast block outs and then retopology and texture bake.

Avatar clothing items, building clothing layers showing fabric weight. 
UGC giving the ability to mix styles and use modular clothing types.

Face hair growth tests, using a combination of hand painted short hair for stubble and eyebrows, together with hair cards.