Concept to Ai using 3D

The combining of 2D and 3D has evolved of the years from 2D artists creating turnarounds for the 3D artist to create a model, to projecting 2D images onto a 3D model and many others. Its always been a close relationship, sometimes resulting a slight loss during translation from one to the other. AI is offers a third option to gatecrash this little party and I've been looking into how Ai fits into my own pipeline.

Using 3D-Coat to initially create a figure (A) and painted over this to generate the concept (B) Once this is done then use the paint over in Stable Diffusion with Control Net to iterate the concept further. This is a very quick process and is used mainly just to push the design further. I use Control Net to keep as many aspects of the design as possible, through LineArt and Canny. Final design (C) is upscaled and I continue to paint over where the Ai falls short in terms of design continuity.

Image A


Image B


Its an interesting process and really useful when looking at older designs or concepts to give them a new lease of life. Final upscaled image can be seen in the main portfolio.

Image C