3D Concept Sculpt to Ai

Looking here at an old sculpt which I still find interesting as a concept. Zombie cyborg, the idea comes mainly from the movie Saturn 3. There was a particular scene in that film where Hector (the robot) wears Benson's severed head, fairly disturbing to watch for a child who had loved Star Wars and wanted to watch more sci-fi! - theirs a whole blog worth right there :) 

However thinking of Terminator and the living tissue surrounding the metal robot; made me think of what the first (very crude attempts) by Sky Net using dead corpses to frighten survivors. A sort of psychological war... in the same way during med-evil times recently executed criminals would be paraded to warn others.

Anyway that's a brief history behind the artwork. It started out as a sculpt in 3D coat (image A) and then I used used I2I to polish a quick render. This pipeline is great because you can use the sculpt to block out shapes and colours, just get the basics down, then the fun starts (image B).

Image A

close uppng

Image B